Beijing Kuaiyu Electronics Co., Ltd.(hereinafter to be referred as “Kuaiyu Electronics”) was established in 2006, and listed on the NEEQ in 2016,August(stock code:838168).

As a comprehensive development of hi-tech enterprise, Kuaiyu Electronics always focus on innovation and diligently enterprising, after 10 years of professional R&D, we have grown into the leading company in AUDIO industry and created “TRADIO”brand, a widely known both at home and abroad, The company designed and produced audio monitoring products and intelligent voice analysis products which has obtained the China CCC certificate,European CE and Ameraica FFC etc. in the field of civil surveillance and communications to achieve the industry leading level.

Our key products including PA systems, Conference systems, high fidelity monitoring MIC, audio noise reduction DSP chips, audio administration server, intelligent sound analysis software, sound alarm and intercom equipments, etc., with regular customers all over the world, these products are all well applied in the industries of public security supervision, judicial system, banking and finance, safety city, outdoors supervision, education and government service,etc.

The growth and the development of company depends on its corporate culture and HR policy. At Kuaiyu Electronics, we are guided by human oriented and talents valued, seek to grow and thrive by building the pipeline of future talent through working together with famous universities and research institutions. We recognize and respect the potential of each and every employee, making training opportunities available for skill development and bring out the best in all. by this way, we have built a strong talent pool of state-of-the-art technical, marketing and administrative expertise that are spirited and innovative. Thanks to them and their ceaseless technical innovation and promotion in the audio field, more and more users have realized the importance of audio technology in surveillance field, and audio technology is increasingly and widely applied in security projects. In November of 2015, the Meeting on the Standards of Audio Checking Equipment of the Ministry of Public Security was held by Kuaiyu Electronics, marking a new historical step of audio monitoring, gained approval and trust of the users with our sound service system for providing joint development according to customers’real demands, and solutions for the industry, fast response of customers’field support demands, and built its competitive advantages in the field.

We follow a path to enterprising growth, innovation, and pragmatism in everything we do. We strive in audio processing and communication fields to stay ahead as a leading industry player in a down-to-earth way. We have not only built a new benchmark of security industry for users of public and civil uses, but also explored a promising future with our strong practical basis.

After listed on the NEEQ Market successfully, we have adjusted our capital operation mode, enabling us to show more and better capacities. We stay committed to integrity, balanced growth, innovation and pragmatism when serving our users all over the World. We identify and pursue distinctive growth opportunities and challenges with focused, professional and decisive mind, strive to stay ahead as a technological innovator to underpin and promote the improvement and booming of security industry and audio communications.

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