Review of the Exhibition on Public Safety and Security: Voice localization Kuaiyu Electronics Listens for Innovation and Harmony


From Oct. 25 to Oct. 28, 2016, the great Exhibition on Public Safety and Security was held in Beijing, where many high-end brands of security field tried their best and showed many charming new products. It was a feast for eyes. As a leader of audio field, Kuaiyu Electronics (Booth E2D01) provided a great show of audio with its brand-new audio products and solutions.

Kuaiyu Electronics has extended its scope from traditional public security organs to rail transit, education, finance, civil use and so on after a decade of common efforts of all the staff. The year of 2016 was a significant year for this leading audio company. It was successfully listed on the New OTC Market in August and showed its power and innovation in the exhibition. Now, let me show you the outstanding technologies and highlights of this strong technological player on the exhibition.

Listen for Innovation and Harmony” as its exhibition theme

Name cards exchange on the reception desk of the exhibition booth

Sound Intensity Alarm Products of New concept

The demand on audio monitoring is rising along with the fast development of safe cities. Kuaiyu Electronics with sharp market sense has been dedicating to the innovation and manufacture of related products, and developed sound localization technology based on the array of pickups, which has been widely applied in governmental organs, banks, airports, schools and so on.

On 2016 Beijing Exhibition on Public Safety and Security, Kuaiyu Electronics launched brand-new products of sound alarm and localization, which are able to precisely collect real-time sounds, make intelligent analysis on the intensity signals, and send sound intensity linked alarm and location information. The detailed introduction and applications of this technology could be found on the Solution Exhibition Area of the company, where you could also find a camera for effect demonstration, attracting many visitors.

Solution exhibition of Sound Alarm and Localization

The camera equipped with 4 directive pickups and supported by the technology of sound alarm and localization.

Staff giving detailed explanation to the clients

Visitors interested in the Solution Exhibition Area

Apart from the up-to-date sound alarm and localization technology, Kuaiyu Electronics also exhibited many intercom products, including financing terminal recorder, financing visual intercom, window speakerphone terminal, and made stimulative demonstrations on the exhibition.

Financial visitors experiencing financing double record risk control system

Nice gifts for visitors on the exhibition

It’s true that audio monitoring market is not as big as video surveillance market, but it owns a promising future with the development of safety city and smart city projects. Thus, Kuaiyu Electronics has made an improvement and combination on its core technology advantages and modern security technology application, and dug high-de audio data, with the hope and efforts to integrate them to the security market. /p>

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