APM210D Two-channel Mixing Adapter

  • Can provide power for two pickups; Support the output of mixing sound of the two pickups; Mixing function can help get a larger monitoring area and make the sound signal more balanced and clear;
  • With independent output port and output port after mixing for each pickup; The volume of each output port can be independently adjusted;
  • The three headset jacks on the front panel of the adapter are independent monitoring jacks (CH1 output, CH2 output, and MIX audio output), which can be tested separately with headphones.
  • Product Parameters
Pickup interface
2 sets of three-pin terminals (positive power supply V, audio A, and common ground G)
Audio output terminal
4 lotus plugs, 3 two-pin terminals, 3 3.5mm jacks (where MIX refers to mixing output)
Volume adjustment
-20dB ~ +20dB
Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
Output voltage
Output current
Signal output amplitude
Indoor moisture protection
Circuit protection
Lightning protection and power polarity reversal protection circuits
Connection mode of pickup
Power line V (red), audio A (yellow), common ground G (black)
Pickup cable
3 x 0.5mm2 RVVP shielded cable
Audio output cable
Long distance: 2 x 0.5mm2 RVVP; Short distance: video coaxial cable
Input voltage of power
AC200V to 250V / DC12V
Working temperature
-40℃ ~ 75℃
Shell material
Aluminum alloy
Outline dimensions
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