Single-channel Power Adapter

  • The linear DC stabilized voltage supply of Kuaiyu pickups is specially recommended, which is not only of high quality and can work stably for a long time, but also can guarantee audio quality and avoid the noise caused by poor power supply;
  • It should be noted that the 12 VDC switching power supply used by the camera is not recommended due to its bad filtering effect and large ripple coefficient which easily lead to current noise;
  • Can directly connect the three-core cable of pickup; Four audio output interfaces are provided: BNC terminal, 2-pin terminal, headset jack, and MIC compatible jack.
  • Function introduction
  • Product parameters
  1. ① (Power) ----- Power indicator, the red light is on when plugged in
  2. ② (Run) ----- Running indicator, the yellow light is on in case of normal DC12V output, and it is off in case of abnormal DC12V output
  3. ③ (Level) ----- Signal level indicator, the red light is on in case of overlarge input signal
  4. ④ ----- 3.5mm headphone jack for audio signal output
  5. ⑤ (VOLUME) ----- Volume adjustment knob, effective for ④⑥⑧⑨ output interfaces and ⑩ AUDIO OUT output interface
  6. ⑥ (AUDIO OUT) ----- BNC audio signal output interface
  7. ⑦ (S/M) -----channel selection switch, effective for ⑧⑨ output interfaces; S refers to Stereo, and M refers to Mono
  8. ⑧ (MIC OUT) ----- 3.5mm interface for audio MIC signal output
  9. ⑨ (LINE OUT) ----- 3.5mm interface for audio LINE signal output
  10. ⑩ Standard 5-pin 3.81mm green terminal; the wiring is defined as follows:
          MIC IN----- pickup input port: V---- positive power supply, 12V DC output; A---- audio signal input, G---- negative power supply and audio ground electrode
          AUDIO OUT ----- Audio output port: A---- audio signal output, G---- negative power supply and audio ground electrode

The volume adjustment knob can be adjusted for volume control to achieve a better sound-receiving effect, according to different on-site environments;
Volume adjustment range: -20dB~+20dB;
The volume control knob must be adjusted for a suitable volume, otherwise the voice may be distorted or unclear.

Pickup interface
one sets of three-pin terminals (positive power supply V, audio A, and common ground G)
Audio output terminal
Three linear outputs (one BNC, one 2-pin terminal, one 3.5 mm jack),one microphone jack
Volume adjustment
-20dB ~ +20dB
Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
Output voltage
Output current
Signal output amplitude
Indoor moisture protection
Circuit protection
Lightning protection and power polarity reversal protection circuits
Connection mode of pickup
Power line V (red), audio A (yellow), common ground G (black)
Pickup cable
3 x 0.5mm2 RVVP shielded cable
Audio output cable
Long distance: 2 x 0.5mm2 RVVP; Short distance: video coaxial cable
Input voltage of power
AC200V to 250V / DC12V
Working temperature
-40℃ ~ 75℃
Shell material
Outline dimensions
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