Array Discussion Conference System

  • Array Microphone Management Host TM--6050
  • Array Digital Chairman Speaking Unit TM-6051
Function features

Support AF224 feedback suppressor with 24 programmable filters per channel

Stereo or independent dual-channel processing; Optional filter disconnection time

Application types of filters: Speech filter and three-band music filter (bass, middle and treble)

Input channel measurement table; Each channel with 24-filter measurement table

Electronic equilibrium input and output ports (XLR and TMS)

Allow users to eliminate acoustic feedback as well as possible; The operation module of fixed and active filters, as well as the release capacity is the key characteristic; the operation module of active filter provides operational flexibility for continuous filter position upgrade; the free release characteristic of filter is to automatically eliminate the filters that are no longer needed in order to optimize sound

Function features

The on-off state of microphone can be controlled by central control system

Solid plug-in type microphone rod design with lock

There are two prompts during speech, that is, red light ring on the microphone rod and red indicator light on the microphone base.

With two red nixie tube prompts; Prompt messages include: microphone address, VIP, number of speakers, allowable speech, high-sensitivity microphone core design (-38dB ± 3dB), sound-receiving distance up to 60cm.

Support multiple chairman units online simultaneously

Support video tracking

Optional FIFO and free discussion modes; Can apply for speaking mode queuing mode, permissive mode, free discussion mode, and time limited mode under the control of computer

Long distance transmission has no effect on sound quality

Built-in 3W high-fidelity speaker for conference sound reinforcement

Built-in 3.0 headphone output interface

Hand in hand connection type for more reliable system

150 microphones at most can be connected to the same line

Strong anti-interference capacity of RF signals like mobile phone

With the priority switch, chairman unit can shut down the delegate units

Chairman unit has the priority to speak anytime, with no limitation of amount of microphones.

Support software; Can connect with computer and other central control devices through RS232 interface, so as to realize centralized control; Support online firmware upgrade.

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