IP Paging Microphone

  • TR-NCH-7U
Function features:

Black high-grade anti-corrosive metal shell, stylish desktop microphone design, and beautiful appearance with patent certification, and mostly used in the control room for paging, intercom, etc

With 7-inch touch screen, easy to control

Integrated functional modules such as touch color screen, U disk on demand and duplex talkback

Support for network multicast configuration; No need to know the terminal IP address, and can directly address, configure IP address, and view terminal status

Support for duplex talkback; The one-touch call button with multiple custom partitions is convenient for one-touch calling of different partition terminals. Press one button to receive help, talkback for fast connection

Support for monitoring that is used for monitoring the environmental sounds collected by other terminals

Support for static IP and DHCP modes, WAN/internet access, cross-routing, and convenient configuration use

With 3.5mm standard audio interface, which can be connected to a dedicated microphone, and easy to expand non-handsfree calls for private calls

Support for one-channel local line output, and power amplifier

With rebroadcasting function for exam or radio transmission

Support for U disk on demand; U disk files can be clicked on to other terminals for play

With U-KEY interface, and support for user operation authorization (Optional)

Technical parameters
Network interface
Standard RJ45
Power supply
DC 12V
Power consumption
Line In input level
Line Out output impedance
Built-in speaker output impedance & power
Line Out output level
Line Out output impedance
Audio bit rate
8Kbps to 320Kbps (adaptive)
Frequency response
Sampling rate
Audio format
Total harmonic distortion
Transmission rate
Network communication protocol
Network delay
Working temperature
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