Public PA System Software

  • IP PA System Software (PC Edition) TR-NSA
  • IP PA System software (APP Edition) TR-NSA -01
  • IP PA System softdog TR-NSA-02
Standard TCP/IP network protocol, installed on computers connected to Ethernet;
Software package with server software, sub-control software (reusable), relay server software, IP fire alarm software (can be linked with fire alarm), and IP wireless remote control software;
Support for the permission assignment for two-way communication equipment, and installed on the system server. It’s the management and control center of the entire PA system.
Function features:

Support for unicast addressing: Can broadcast to any point, group, subarea or whole area; Multigroup simulcast of defined audio programs and speech over the broadcast to any designated area can be set;

Support for automatic music bell: Personalized music ringtones that can start playing automatically according to the arranged schedule can be set. The schedule can be adjusted in accordance with spring and autumn. The power is automatically turned on in the first two seconds before audio presentation, and turned off automatically after the play ends;

Remote sub-control broadcast: Remote control broadcast can be realized through the computer connected to the server without going to the broadcast center. That is to say, the leaders can make a remote speech to the whole district, subdistrict, and subgroup;

Real-time audio data collection and playback: Can compress the real-time collected data of programs fed by self-operated radio station, cassette deck, CD player, MP3 player, and microphone into high-quality sound data streams in real time and store them to the server, or send it to the designated broadcast terminal as required, so as to play programs of external devices and announcement.

Free subdistrict on-demand service: The broadcast terminal distributed at every broadcast point can be controlled through the remote controller or buttons to complete the on-demand services of database in the server. Fast forward, rewind, pause and AB repeat modes are available, and the terminal LCD screen will display the database directory and current playback position of the program on demand;

Regular playback of program: Each broadcast terminal not only can receive the broadcast signals of timed personalized programs from the server separately, but also can be remotely set via the computer or directly operated on the keyboard of terminal;

Internet radio broadcasting: The online radio programs received through internet radio software can be converted into IP network broadcast data format for real-time broadcast in the terminals like some special language radio stations;

Functions of paging, intercom and recording: One terminal can make calls to other single or multiple terminals, and it also features duplex talkback between two terminals. The system provides a recording function of multi-files saving according to the specified time so that the control room can speak to the broadcast point in any area and record simultaneously. That is to say, the call, intercom and recording between offices, between broadcast points, and between office and broadcast point can be realized;

Session heartbeat: Heartbeat mechanism between service and client session is adopted to avoid the abnormal exit of client and the frozen session that occupies the terminal for a long time;

Service watchdog: When the monitored system service stops running unexpectedly, the watchdog will automatically restart the function of the service;

Broadcast monitoring: All radio programs can be monitored in real time in the broadcast management center or leader's office;

Local PA and backup broadcast: IP broadcast, local PA, and speaker with functions of backup, constant voltage and broadcast are used to achieve the intelligent switching of sounds in the broadcast points;

Alarm linkage: Can receive alarm signals in combination with the network alarm host. Set alarm mode in advance on the server software for alarm linkage activation;

Wireless remote control of sports ground: The wireless remote controller can be used to control flag rising and programs in activities like sports event that needs to play;

Telephone access control: User can call in to control the broadcast speech so that the leader can release the emergency broadcast announcement at any time even if he/she is out of the office;

Emergency backup broadcast: Can broadcast to broadcast points directly by using backup constant-voltage broadcasts in case of network disconnection or other failures. The switch between backup broadcast and IP broadcast is automatic;

Unlimited program sources and data: The system adopts technologies of acquisition, coding, and compression to make all kinds of program sources unlimited. Program sources include analog sources such as microphone, cassette deck, CD, and tuner. The number of programs broadcast by IP network broadcast system at different terminals is also not limited. The number of IP broadcast terminals decides the number of programs that can be broadcast at the same time;

Unlimited sites and easy expansion: Based on the IP data network, each terminal has its own IP address; Can connect the sub-control computer or network terminal to the IP data network for new site expansion;

Support for file playback: Can play different programs to different terminals at the same time; The terminal supports automatic power switch;

Support for large bitrate playback: Its sound quality equals CD quality (audio file bitrate: 128kbps); Can play audio files with high sound quality (audio file bitrate: 320kbps)

Main functions: User login, server music on demand, remote play control, and mobile phone real-time broadcast speech
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